visitor centre wilhelmshöhe

Besucherzentrum WilhelmshöheBesucherzentrum Wilhelmshöhe, Foto: MHK, Arno Hensmanns

Situated at  the Bergpark entrance closest to the city, Wilhelmshöhe Visitor Centre is an excellent place to plan a visit to the park with its buildings, museums and natural sights. It is also an attractive place in its own right, and provides an atmospheric starting point if you are planning to explore the World Heritage site on your own terms.

The centre was opened in 2008 in the old railway station at the foot of Wilhelmshöhe Park. Built 1898 by local architect Georg Karl Wilhelm Kegel and today listed as a historical monument, the structure is a small architectural gem featuring some striking, expertly restored timber framework.

Whether you arrive by tram (Line 1), by coach or by car (Wilhelmshöhe car park is nearby), you will find a wide range of information, classy souvenirs, and refreshments. Our friendly Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel staff will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

There is level access to Wilhelmshöhe Visitor Centre. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available on the ground floor.