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visitor centre hercules

Besucherzentrum Herkules, Foto: MHK, Arno HensmannsBesucherzentrum Herkules, Foto: MHK, Arno Hensmanns

The visitor centre at the foot of the Hercules Monument is open all year and provides a reception building and information centre for visitors of the Kassel landmark. It is also a useful place to stop by for hikers, park ramblers and visitors of the water displays.

Its 550 square metres include a comfortable lounge providing text, picture, and film information on the World Heritage site, the Hercules Monument and the water features. Tickets, books, refreshments and a wide range of products inspired by Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel are available at the gift and ticket shop. The centre also provides level-access toilet facilities.

The building itself, as laid back as it is striking, is an architectural sight in its own right. Both generous and edgy, the interior frames a spectacular view of the Octagon and Hercules. On the occasion of the centre's inauguration in 2011, the architectural practice in charge, Volker Staab of Berlin, was awarded the »Großer Preis des Bundes Deutscher Architekten«, one of the most prestigious architectural awards in Germany.

All areas of the Herkules Visitor Centre are accessible for disabled visitors. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are provided.