ma22167_Slideshow.jpgma23774_Slideshow.jpgStaatspark Karlsaue mit Blick auf die Schwaneninsel, Foto: Michael WiedemannSchloss Wilhelmsthal (Calden), Foto: MHK, Arno HensmannsBlick auf Schloss Wilhelmshöhe, Foto: MHK, Arno Hensmannsma13317_Slideshow.jpgma23136_Slideshow.jpgOrangerie, Foto: Jörg Conrad, MHK

restaurants and refreshments in the bergpark

Snacks and refreshments are available at both visitor centres. On water-displays days (Wednesdays, Sundays and public holidays) during the season, there is also the Bergpark-Pavillon next to the Wilhelmshöhe Palace car park.

Additionally, there are several cafés and restaurants in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe: