collection of prints and drawings

The Collection of Prints and Drawings of Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel cares for more than 60,000 watercolours, pencil sketches, gouaches, copperplate engravings, woodcuts, posters, illustrated books, and numerous other graphic works that are stored in the depot of Wilhelmshöhe Palace.

Their time of creation may be anything from the late Middle Ages to contemporary art; the artist may have been Albrecht Dürer or Georg Baselitz; their origin may have been anywhere from Germany through the Netherlands and France to Italy. Since the 1960s, the collection has been continued and brought up to date with much care and dedication. Today, visitors can study drawings and printed work by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the Brücke artists, Ernst Wilhelm Nay or prominent exponents of Informal Art such as Wols, Dubuffet or the Quadriga artists.

Owing to the paper's sensitivity to light, parts of the collection cannot be displayed outside of special exhibitions. However, there is always the option of making an appointment by phone, after which you can study these shade-loving rarities, at your leisure and with no glass to separate you, in the reading room of Wilhelmshöhe Palace's Kirch Wing.

For an appointment please phone +49 (0) 561 316 80-0.