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restoration work at löwenburg castle

MHK_Baufortschritt Löwenburg.jpgReconstruction of the keep, MHK

During WWII, the castle suffered heavy damage; the keep was completely destroyed. The effect of the original, Absolutist-era layout of the rooms has been impaired ever since. In 2005, work started on a large-scale reconstruction and restoration of the castle.

Restoration work
Resoration work includes conservation and restoration of the badly decayed tuff stone, repairs to the masonry and structural reinforcement of endangered parts. The keep is being rebuilt, which in turn will allow a rearrangement of the exhibition rooms based on documents dating from 1816.

Furniture and fittings
Much of the castle’s original furniture has been preserved as it was put into protective storage early in the war, and restoration of this outstanding col lection is currently in progress. The aim is to furnish the restored and partly reconstructed suites of staterooms with their original furniture and fittings. How Löwenburg Catle looked like before the restoration work you are able to see on the Website of Manuel Dahmann with cubic panorama pictures

Löwenburg.jpgLöwenburg Castle with the reconstructed keep, Heidelmann & Klingebiel Planungsgesellschaft mbH based on a photograph by Linsinger ZT GmbH

Current restrictions
Visitors should be prepared for a number of sometimes significant restrictions during renovation. However, parts of the museum and the castle will be accessible at all times. Currently only the Armoury and the Chapel are open to visitors. The living quarters of the Prince's Wing and the Bower Wing are closed. The entrance is at the side of Löwenburg Castle. Visitors are able to get in through the Marstall. Ticket prices are reduced

Guided tours about the construcion work (in german)
Guided tours will provide an opportunity to learn more both about the construction work and about the history of Löwenburg Castle and its precincts. The latter include the romantic Wolves' Glen with its steep rocky stairs, the Tiltyard and the Castle and Castellan's Gardens.

Historcial layout of the rooms