Blick von Schloss Wilhelmshöhe auf den Herkules, Foto: MHK, Arno Hensmannsma21983_Slideshow.jpg

how to get there: hercules monument

For the Hercules Monument and Herkules Visitor Centre take the Line 3 tram to the final stop of »Druseltal«. From the terminal, the Line 22 bus goes to the Hercules Monument. On water-displays days, additional Line 23 buses are in operation, going to the Hercules Monument from Wilhelmshöhe Visitor Centre, which is next to the final stop of the Line 1 tram, »Wilhelmshöhe/Park«.

For visitors arriving by train, the ICE railway station of Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe is very convenient. From the station, it is just four stops of the Line 1 tram to the final stop of »Wilhelmshöhe/Park«. Alternatively, seven stops of the Line 3 tram will take you to the terminal of »Druseltal«. Arriving at Kassel Main Station in the city centre, take the next Line 5 »Regio-Tram« or regional train to the ICE stop of »Bhf. Wilhelmshöhe« and change to a Line 1 or 3 tram.

If you are arriving by car on the A44, take the exit for Kassel Bad Wilhelmshöhe (68) and follow the inner-city signage for »Herkules«. Arriving in the city from other directions, follow the signs for »Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe«. Once you are offered a choice between »Herkules« and »Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe« please follow the signs for »Herkules«.

There is a public car park next to the Herkules Visitor Centre. On water displays days, fees apply from 9.30 am to 3 pm. Your parking ticket on these days doubles as a bus ticket for up to 5 passengers on the Line 23 buses shuttling between Herkules Visitor Centre and Wilhelmshöhe Visitor Centre.

Your parking ticket will also provide reduced-rate entry to MHK museums and facilities, doubling as a »two for one« voucher.

Parking fee: car 7 Euro, motorcycle 5 Euro, minivan/camper van 10 Euro

Due to large construction works this year we strongly recommend to use the public transport systems!

Further information:
Vehicles parked before 9.30 am will also require a parking ticket after 9.30 am.

Moving and re-parking your car is possible, however a parking space cannot be guaranteed.